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You are now at the official website for Annie Carroll, my pen name as author of ‘New Vampire in Town’, ‘New Vampire Online’, and ‘Playing for Julia’.  I also have a blog, lacitypix, about real people and real places in Los Angeles.  And I have published 2 non-fiction books, Working After Retirement and How Seniors Travel for Fun and Profit.

L.A. Ladies – a romantic mystery

L.A. Ladies ebook coverRobin lived a privileged life in Los Angeles until it all came apart with the unexpected death of her husband. Now as she reawakens emotionally she finds herself attracted to Darius, a client of her blog-writing business. He is a younger, brash sports trainer which makes him off-limits in her mind. “No cougaring”, she says to herself, when she goes to his home to photograph his rough collie, Pretty Girl. Then another man cruises into her world. Russ is a wealthy businessman who recently returned to Los Angeles after decades of living in Singapore and he seems to be perfect for her. Everyone thinks so, but is he? Robin’s new life is soon overtaken by one shocking event after another. How could all this happen to her? Who is behind it? She realizes she is now facing circumstances she never imagined encountering. As events unfold the collie Pretty Girl plays a key role in the conflicts and dangers she faces and she discovers where her heart really belongs.

Available on Kindle, Nook and Kobo.  Coming soon on iTunes and Scribd

New Vampire Online  – Number 2 in the New Vampire series

New Vampire Online ebook cover

Cate the stiletto-loving vampire has launched a new online business with the help of Conrad, her sexy Cuban-American vampire boyfriend  Everything seems perfect until Evgeny the Zombie Vampire and his girlfriend, Tatiana the Liar, leap onto the terrace beside her. Then her old, long-gone boyfriend, Jack the Surfer, reappears.  Before long, cops show up asking questions.  And more cops.  Then there is that flashy little escapade at the Chateau Montaigne near the Sunset Strip and the disappearance of her RV.  Maybe Conrad is right: Cate seems to run into trouble everywhere.

For a free preview of Chapter One of New Vampire Online, go here.

Now available on Kindle   

To see photos of the world of Cate the Vampire go to Pinterest.

New Vampire in Town – Number 1 in the New Vampire series

Take one unemployed movie make-up artist, one seductive vampire surfer, an even more seductive vampire P.I., add bald RV tires, a MacBook Pro and Skype, then sprinkle in the latest technology and a big black Caddie.  What do you get?  A humorous tale of vampires trying to make lives for themselves in today’s Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  Discover why it’s not easy being a vampire these days!  Lies and betrayal are everywhere.

For a FREE preview of ChapterOne of New Vampire in Town, go here.

Now available on Kindle   

San Francisco Summer ’69 

San Francisco Summer '69 cover artJulia is being pursued and is not sure she likes it.  A newcomer to tumultuous San Francisco in 1969, she trying to make a new life with a new job and new friends at a start-up weekly newspaper.  But she keeps running into rock music lyricist, Austen.  Is it fate?  Or just coincidence?  She tries to ignore him.  Even her boss and her best friend tell her: “Don’t get involved with him.”  But Austen is relentless–for his own reasons.  In her heart she’s afraid that she will end up like so many other young women in the rock music world–used and discarded.   What lies ahead for Julia in this very sexy novel?  The answer will surprise you! [Also published as Playing for Julia]

For a FREE preview of Chapter One of ‘San Francisco Summer ’69’, go here.

Now available on Kindle 



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